Steal His Style: Jidenna

h&m blazer, forever 21 denim sleeveless top, zara boots
I steal Jidenna's style 'Classic Man' in my latest video and I think I look pretty damn good... if I do say so myself.

I've been inspired by more androgynous styles as of late. I find them understated and sexy if styled very simply. Less really is more when you toe the line between traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" aesthetics. So, I challenged myself and decided to mirror the music artist Jidenna's style in my latest Youtube video.

I meant to talk about this a few days ago, but I've been a bit halted in my tracks because as I am writing this, I am in pain. Sheer pain. I had the recent misfortune of slamming the bathroom door on my two fingers. I've been a bit out of wack, but I finally have got into a rhythm. It is a bit comical, though. Pop an advil, type away, do a few assignments, check a million emails, pop another advil, type get the idea. The cycle is quite monotonous in that boring young adult-y kind of way. I'm not complaining, I swear.

As this mess is now being handled, I can now show you some of the work I do over on my Youtube channel. I love making videos and this 'Steal His Style' is no exception. I'm glad I can finally share a lot of what I do online when I'm not posting at

h&m blazer, forever 21 denim sleeveless top, zara boots

Zara Boots
Forever 21 Sleeveless Denim
H&M Blazer

Photos Taken With: Nikon Coolpix P7700